Can I Get Assistance With Medication Costs If I’m A College Student?

Are you a college student struggling with the high costs of medication? If so, you may be wondering if there is any assistance available to help ease the financial burden. In this article, we will explore whether college students can get assistance with medication costs and delve into the various options that may be available to you. Whether you’re dealing with chronic conditions or simply need access to affordable healthcare, read on to find out how you can potentially receive the support you need.

Can I Get Assistance With Medication Costs If Im A College Student?

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Federal Assistance Programs


Medicaid is a federal program that provides health coverage to low-income individuals and families. It offers comprehensive benefits, including prescription medications, at little to no cost. As a college student, you may be eligible for Medicaid if you meet the income requirements set by your state. Medicaid is administered at the state level, so the eligibility criteria and coverage may vary. To find out if you qualify, you can visit your state’s Medicaid website or contact your local Medicaid office.

Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is another federal initiative that provides health coverage to children and teens in low-income households. Depending on your state, CHIP may cover prescription medications and other healthcare services for young adults up to the age of 19. If you are under the age limit and meet the income requirements, CHIP can be a valuable resource for accessing affordable medications while you’re in college.

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace offers health insurance plans that cover prescription medications. While the Marketplace is designed primarily for individuals who do not have access to employer-sponsored coverage, college students may also find it beneficial. Depending on your income and other factors, you may qualify for premium tax credits or subsidies that make health insurance more affordable. Through the Marketplace, you can choose a plan that includes prescription drug coverage, ensuring that you have access to the medications you need.

Campus Health Services

Student Health Center

Most universities and colleges have a student health center on campus. These health centers are staffed with healthcare professionals who can provide primary care services, including prescription medications. Whether you need a one-time prescription or ongoing medication management, the student health center can be a convenient and cost-effective option. Some campuses may have a student health fee that covers basic services, while others may require an additional fee for medications. It’s important to check with your school’s health center to understand their specific policies and costs.

On-campus Pharmacy

In addition to the student health center, many campuses have an on-campus pharmacy. These pharmacies stock a range of prescription medications and may offer discounted prices for students. By using the on-campus pharmacy, you can save time and transportation costs compared to visiting an off-campus pharmacy. Furthermore, the staff at the on-campus pharmacy may be familiar with the specific needs of college students and can provide guidance on medication management and adherence. Be sure to inquire about any discounts or special pricing options available to students.

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Prescription Discount Programs


GoodRx is an online platform and mobile app that provides discounts on prescription medications. The platform allows you to search for your specific medication and compare prices at various pharmacies in your area. GoodRx offers coupons and savings of up to 80% on prescription drugs. As a college student, using GoodRx can help you find the lowest prices for your medications, which can be especially useful if you do not have health insurance or if your insurance does not cover certain drugs.


SingleCare is another discount program that helps individuals save on prescription medications. Like GoodRx, SingleCare allows you to search for your medication and find the best prices at participating pharmacies. SingleCare can provide savings of up to 80% and can be used by anyone, regardless of insurance coverage. If you are a college student seeking to reduce your medication costs, SingleCare can be a valuable resource to consider.

Blink Health

Blink Health is an online platform that offers discounted prices on prescription medications. It works by allowing you to pay for your medications in advance through the Blink Health website or app. Once you’ve paid, you can pick up your medications at one of their partner pharmacies. Blink Health guarantees the lowest prices and offers savings of up to 80%. If you’re looking for an affordable and convenient way to access your medications while in college, Blink Health might be worth exploring.

Pharmaceutical Patient Assistance Programs

Manufacturer Assistance Programs

Many pharmaceutical companies offer patient assistance programs (PAPs) to help individuals who cannot afford their medications. These programs provide free or reduced-cost medications to eligible individuals. Each program has its own eligibility requirements, so it’s important to research and contact the specific pharmaceutical company for more information. Manufacturer assistance programs can be a great option if you are on a specific medication that is not covered by your insurance or if you do not have insurance at all.

Non-profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations, such as the Patient Access Network Foundation, provide financial assistance to individuals in need of prescription medications. These organizations have various criteria for eligibility, which might include income level, diagnosis, and other factors. To access these programs, you will typically need to submit an application and provide relevant documentation. Non-profit organizations can provide vital support to college students who are struggling with the cost of their medications.

Can I Get Assistance With Medication Costs If Im A College Student?

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Prescription Assistance Foundations

Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA)

The Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA) is a program that helps connect individuals with prescription assistance programs that best suit their needs. By using the PPA website or helpline, you can find information about various assistance programs, including those offered by pharmaceutical companies, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. The PPA acts as a valuable resource for college students who are navigating the complex landscape of prescription assistance options.


RxHope is another organization that offers prescription assistance to eligible individuals. Through their online platform, you can search for available medications and apply for assistance programs. RxHope streamlines the application process by allowing you to submit your information directly to the pharmaceutical companies offering the medications. This can be particularly helpful for college students who are looking for efficient and straightforward ways to access prescription assistance programs.


NeedyMeds is a non-profit organization that provides information and resources on prescription assistance programs, as well as other healthcare-related services. Their website features a database of medication assistance programs, discount coupons, and other financial assistance programs. NeedyMeds also offers a helpline where you can speak with a specialist who can guide you through the process of finding and accessing the right resources for your medication needs. College students can benefit from NeedyMeds’ comprehensive platform and support.

College Student Health Insurance

University-sponsored Health Insurance

Many universities and colleges offer health insurance plans specifically designed for their students. These plans often include coverage for prescription medications at a reasonable cost. University-sponsored health insurance plans are typically comprehensive, offering a range of benefits beyond just prescription coverage. If you’re a college student, it’s important to explore the health insurance options available through your institution to see if they meet your needs and provide the necessary coverage for your medications.

Family Health Insurance Plans

If you are under the age of 26, you may be eligible to be covered under your parents’ health insurance plan. Family health insurance plans often provide coverage for prescription medications, making them a potential source of assistance for college students. If your parents have health insurance, it’s worth checking whether you can be added to their plan. This can help alleviate the financial burden of medication costs and ensure that you have access to necessary treatments.

Can I Get Assistance With Medication Costs If Im A College Student?

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Scholarships and Grants for Medical Expenses

Health-related Scholarships

Several organizations and foundations offer scholarships specifically for students pursuing health-related fields of study. These scholarships can help cover tuition costs and other educational expenses, freeing up funds to be used for medical expenses, including prescription medications. Examples of health-related scholarships include those for nursing students, pre-med students, and students studying pharmacy or pharmaceutical sciences. Researching and applying for such scholarships can provide financial support to college students facing medication costs.

General Scholarships with Medical Expense Coverage

In addition to health-related scholarships, there are general scholarships and grants that may include coverage for medical expenses, including prescription medications. These scholarships often have different eligibility criteria and may require you to demonstrate financial need or meet other specific requirements. Although they may not be specifically aimed at medical expenses, these scholarships can provide valuable financial assistance to college students who are facing challenges in affording their necessary medications.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

Eligibility and Contributions

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) are offered by some employers as a way for employees to set aside pre-tax dollars for eligible healthcare expenses. While not directly tied to college students, if you have an employer or are working while attending college, you may have access to an FSA. With an FSA, you can allocate a portion of your salary to be used for medical expenses, including prescription medications. Contributions to an FSA are made on a pre-tax basis, which can result in significant tax savings.

Using FSAs for Medication Costs

If you have an FSA, you can use the funds to cover the cost of your prescription medications. This can help reduce the out-of-pocket expenses you face as a college student. However, it’s important to note that FSAs typically operate on a “use-it-or-lose-it” basis, meaning that any funds remaining in the account at the end of the year may be forfeited. Therefore, it’s essential to carefully estimate your medication expenses and contribute an amount that you are likely to use throughout the year.

Prescription Assistance Apps

GoodRx App

In addition to their website, GoodRx offers a mobile app that provides the same functionality and benefits. With the GoodRx app, you can search for the lowest prices on your prescription medications across multiple pharmacies. The app also allows you to access exclusive discounts and coupons, helping you save money on your prescriptions. By having the app on your smartphone, you can easily compare prices and find the best deals while on the go, making it a convenient tool for college students.

Blink Health App

Similar to their online platform, Blink Health also has a mobile app designed to simplify the prescription purchasing process. With the Blink Health app, you can search for your medication, pay for it in advance, and then pick it up at a partner pharmacy. The app allows you to access discounted prices and enjoy the convenience of pre-paying for your medications. Using the Blink Health app can help you secure affordable medications while navigating the demands of college life.

SingleCare App

The SingleCare app offers the same benefits as the online platform but in a mobile-friendly format. With the SingleCare app, you can search for your prescription medications, compare prices, and find the lowest costs at participating pharmacies near you. The app also includes additional features such as medication reminders and refill alerts, helping you stay on top of your medication regimen. By having the SingleCare app on your phone, you can conveniently access the savings and resources it offers.


As a college student, the cost of prescription medications can be a significant burden. However, there are multiple assistance programs, resources, and strategies available to help alleviate this financial stress. Federal assistance programs like Medicaid and CHIP can provide coverage for medications, while the ACA Marketplace offers health insurance plans that include prescription drug coverage. Campus health services and on-campus pharmacies can provide convenient and affordable access to medications. Prescription discount programs such as GoodRx, SingleCare, and Blink Health offer significant savings, and pharmaceutical patient assistance programs and non-profit organizations provide further support. College student health insurance options and scholarships can also help cover medical expenses. Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) can be utilized to allocate pre-tax dollars for medication costs. Prescription assistance apps like GoodRx, Blink Health, and SingleCare offer additional savings and convenience. Through a combination of these resources and programs, college students can find the assistance they need to manage their medication costs effectively. Remember to research and explore all available options to find the best fit for your specific situation.

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