Donepezil tablets are best in the treatment of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Donepezil is employed to boost knowledge

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All Necessary Information related to Donepezil

In recent times, there has been gradual increase in the development of the medical field and with the revolution in technology new medications are being manufactured by the medical experts to cure the diseases and among these diseases, mental diseases have their own notorious reputation such dementia and there are much best medication available such as Buy Donepezil for anxiety which minimizes dementia’s threat and saves from its hazards effects. So, the question arises in the mind that What is Donepezil, What is Donepezil used for and What are the effects of Donepezil medication?

This article will address all above questions asked about the Donepezil, first of all, Donepezil is a marked medication under the brand name of Aricept and these Donepezil tablets are best in the treatment of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Donepezil is employed to boost knowledge and behavior of individuals with Alzheimer’s, however, doesn’t slow the progression of or cure the disease. Symptoms of this Alzheimer will get worse with the passage of time if you left the treatment.


Donepezil belongs to specific drug family whose functions are as same as the donepezil. It balances the chemical level in the central nervous system and increases the amount of chemical in the system. Low quantity of chemical in the nervous is the indication of Alzheimer and which further leads to the severe effects of dementia. It also prevents the breakdown of chemical such as acetylcholine which is a major factor in spreading dementia.

Side Effects

There are some side effects related to donepezil upon taking the donepezil dosage. The common side effects are as follow:

Sleeping Disorder


Muscle Cramps


Weight loss


Slow heartbeat

Urination Problems






Low appetite

If you are experiencing these side effects after the donepezil dosage immediately concern your doctor for further assistance and if you don’t consult your doctor then these side effects grow more severe and cause serious life threats or if you have some allergic response from the some of the ingredients of the medication always reach out to your doctor for further guidance. The allergic warnings are as follow:




Swelling of different body parts such face, lips, and throat

Respiratory issues

Dosage Method

Donepezil is available in 5mg, 10mg, and 23mg but the donepezil 10mg tablet is preferred most of the times depending upon the effects of dementia on a person. First of all, start medication with 5 mg tablets and after 3-4 weeks increase the dosage amount to 10mg in case if you are suffering from the mild to moderate Alzheimer.

If you are suffering from moderate to strong Alzheimer increase the amount of dosage from 23 mg. The dosage will increase slowly as it will be beneficial for the patient and to minimize the risk of side effects.

Donepezil Uses

Now the answer to the earlier question that what is donepezil used for? So here are the several uses of donepezil tablets

To minimize confusion

To improve memory

To improve awareness

To restoring the chemical balance

In the end, Donepezil is an anti-dementia medicine which doesn’t cure the disease but it will minimize its hazards and after a certain time with the help of proper medication this disease will cure to its optimal. If anyone is suffering from the above mention symptoms of this disease, can buy donepezil medication online from the online medical store which will provide the user manual that will clarify all questions such what is donepezil and what is donepezil used for?

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