Payment Options

We offer the following payment methods to our beloved customers;

  • Western Union
  • Bitcoins
  • Money Gram
  • Credit or debit card

Our online pharmacy is categorized as “high risk” business. That’s why, customers have the limited offers such as money gram, bitcoins, credit or debit card payments. “High risk” business doesn’t provide any kind of services in which the third party is involved. Why we have limited offers for our clients? its simple, money gram, western union, and bitcoins don’t need the third entity, that’s why conduct all our transaction through them.

When you’ll make payments with credit/debit card or with bitcoin or through money gram. Then, our customer care representor will be assigned to your order. Accordingly, you’ll able to make secure payments.

Western Union

You can utilize the option of Western Union for payment process. Your payments will be transferred within few minutes. You need to;

  • Search an active agent nearby you. If you are using mobile phones then check the available destines for payment transfer purpose.
  • Complete the form provided by the agent, then choose pickup and send your money in minutes.
  • Handover the form to the agent with your cash, you want to transfer. If you are using mobile phone’s services then make payments with your credit/debit card.
  • Keep your receipt save and share your MTCN number with your receiver

The above-discussed method takes hardly 5 to 10 minutes.

Money Gram

MoneyGram provides convenient cash transfer options. Online money transfer is quite simple and easy instead of cash pick-up or through the bank. If you want to transfer money, then;

  • Choose a receiver, put your receiver information with money details
  • Then select the payment procedure, through which you are going to pay, either you are paying from your credit/debit card or direct from your bank account.

Fill the given form about yourself, so, we can validate your identity, then take a look at the whole page, and send.

What is a Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a type of the digital coinage, in which encryption techniques are utilized to control the currency units and verify the funds’ transfer, it functioning independently of a central bank.

How to buy Bitcoin?

If you have dollars, Euro or any traditional money and want to transfer it to bitcoin. Then, you need a wallet, cash, and an exchange, where you’ll be able to transfer your cash into bitcoin. If you want to know about the bitcoin and also want to buy, then kindly visit the given website;

How to buy bitcoins with the credit card securely?

The credit card makes your buying easy and secure. You can also buy bitcoin with credit or debit card. Visit the following website, you’ll have better idea regarding your buying;

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